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Catch the Wave! The Bio Wave Frequency Generator

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BIO WAVE Frequency Generator
Imagine a world without disease!


Bio Wave Generator Now Only $209.00

There are only two health concerns with people - parasites and pollutants. Kill the parasites with our Full Gamma Bio-Wave Frequency Generator with smart chip capability that target & kill the source (parasites)!

Smart keys are programed with the correct frequency, timing sequence, and voltage for a particular invader.

Program drivers are inserted in the bio-Wave. A push of a button. Session are usually an hour or so.

Bingo you've killed the enemy!

Everything is on a frequency except "small pox." There is no frequency for small pox. Programed Drivers are labeled per disease & body areas such as Kidneys, Cancer, Parkinson's, Macular Degeneration (Glaucoma), Joint Pain, HIV, Multiple Sclerosis, Asthma, Lungs, Arthritis, Herpes, Depression, Energy, Tumors, ALS, Seizures, Heart, Head, Hearing, Sinuses, Hepatitis, Alzheimer's, All Diseases!


Avoid and/or Cure Sexual Transmitted Diseases!

Work Your Way Off Medication!

No Side Effects! Feel Great! Imagine a World Without Diseases!

The immune system is pretty beefy which job is killing parasites and bacteria keeping you in your best health possible. Sometimes it needs a helping hand as the minerals which should be in food isn't there, we breathe polluted air, an eat polluted non-nutrional food, allowing parasites to enter your system.

The Bio Wave becomes your immune's system's best friend, like having an m16 in a war zone. 

Easy to use

LCD Bio Wave Generator  is the most advanced zapper on the market.
 We kept the analogue heart to avoid any alteration to the wave required by Dr. Hulda Clark. Yet it comes with a number of features that give you more options than ever.
The functionality, on the other hand, remains simple. Changes from Super Zapper DeLuxe 2003:
LCD display shows frequency, program steps, voltage, battery charge, remaining time.
 Programming software for Program Drivers and Smart Keys available!
Simpler handling, voltage can easily be changed.
Power consumption lowered again; unit uses only 2 instead of 3 batteries.
Delivered with both wrist bands as well as a pair of gel electrodes for sensitive skin.
Residual voltage of 0.25V now requested by Dr. Hulda Clark.
All units can generate the frequency of 1000Hz, that is needed to run Dr. Clarks food zappicator. Ultrasound welded case.

Durable Case

Bio Wave Generator  $209.00


Super Special Dr Clark's Book "The Cure for all Diseases" and The Bio Wave Frequency Generator ONLY! $225.00

The Zappicator sold together for discount!
Sterilize your food as discused in Dr Clarks books!

Bio Wave Accessories works with all frequency generators. Conductive bands and slippers.

Conductive bands for all areas of the body


Conductive Slippers
Pair $54.00

Conductive Band 24" 1 piece $16.80
Conductive Band 32" 1 piece $18.50
Conductive Band 40" 1 piece $20.30
Conductive Band 56" 1 piece $23.90
Conductive Slippers   1 Pair   $54.00
Insoles for slippers                  $12.80
Tooth Zappicator (no picture) $79.00
Wrist Strap $16.80


BEWARE! of bottled water (The grocery store type). Propholene alchohol is used in the sterilizing processs, a cancer causing agent! Our Reverse Osmosis Water Maker solves this problem!

Mini Reverse Osmosis Water Maker

Take Hold Of Your Own Destiny
The Secret of Freedom
If you are suffering from Hiv, Aids, Cancer, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, Chronic Fatigue, Alzheimer's, Herpes, Hepititis, Serosis, Acne, Arthritis, Allergies, ALS, Asthma, Eyes, Macular Degeneration, Tapeworm, Cystitis, High Blood Pressure, Lyme Disease, Bronchitis, Coloitis, Depression, Diabetes, Ovarian Cysts, Cysts, Endometriosis, Epliepsy/Seizures, Fibromyalgia,  Advanced Cancer, Flu, Heart Problems, Hormonal Imbalance, Childrens Disease, Headaches/Migrains, Sore Throat, Liver & Cholesterol, Pneumonia, Stomac Ulcers, Meningitis, Kidneys, Earache, Onco Viruses, Prostate, Crohn's, Pain, STDs (sexual transmitted diseases), Sinusitis, Tinnitus, Tropical Diseases, Tropical Dysentary, Tumors, infertility, Enteric / Digestive Problems, Warts, Menopausal, Common Bacteria, Common Viruses, Common Parasites, Common Fungi, Teeth Bacteria. If your problem is not listed here it doesnt mean its not incurable. There is a frequency for everything except small pox.



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"THE CURE" Free DVD by Dr Clark


63 Program Drivers
Programable Smart Keys


Colloidal Gold, Silver, Copper & Zinc
Immune Systems Builders

GOLD boosts, corrects and balances the body's neural system. GOLD opens neural pathways. GOLD regulates heart's natural pumping rhythm. GOLD boosts brain neural transmitters. GOLD works with glands. GOLD harmonizes the nervous system. GOLD is an important stabilizer of collagen GOLD strengthens libido. GOLD enhances brain function. GOLD increases IQ. GOLD enhances sexual function. GOLD acts on rheumatoid arthritis. GOLD assists relaxation and blood pressure control . GOLD has unequaled effects on physical and emotional health.

Rejuvenates all Degenerative Diseases & More
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Save 50%of your fuel costs


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