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What's Buggin Ya ? Assorted Program Drivers

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Frequency Program Drivers


Z759  Acne/Complexion

Z708  Advanced Cancer

Z701  Allergies

Z754  ALS Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosos

Z724  Alzheimers

Z725  Arthritis

Z702 Asthma


Z724 Brain

Z706  Brain Microcurrent Seizures/Epilspsy

Z750  Bronchitis

Z715  Cancer

Z753  Children's Diseases

Z704  Chronic fatigue

Z707  Connective tissue

Z721  Common bacteria

Z726  Common fungi

Z722  Common parasites

Z723  Common viruses

Z759  Complexion

Z740  Cystitis

Z746  Cysts

Z727  Depression/Mood metabolism

Z705  Diabetes, Pancreas

Z756  Digestive/enteric

Z728  Colitis/diverticullies/colon

Z744  Earache

Z704  Energy

Z735  Endometriosis

Z736  Eyes/ Macular Degeneration

Z707  Fibromyalgia

Z709  Flu

Z745  Gastric Ulcer

Z714  Headaches/migrains

Z743  Hearing

Z712  Heart

Z729  Helicobacter pylori/stomac

Z761  Hepatitis B

Z711  Herpes

Z703  High blood pressure

Z713  Hiv/Aids/bone marrow

Z741  Hormonal imbalance

Z742  Infertility/conception

Z701  Immune System 

Z730  Crohn's disease/intestines

Z718  Kidneys

Z716  Liver/Cholesterol

Z737  Lymes disease

Z752  Lungs/pneumonia

Z751  Meningitis

Z748  Menopausal dysfunction

Z717  Multiple Sclerosis

Z738  Nerve ending excitment

Z758  Onco viruses

Z747  Ovarian Cysts

Z760  Pets

Z738  Pain

Z731  Parkinsons/Dopamin

Z719  Prostate

Z755  Sexually transmitted diseases

Z732  Sinusitis

Z710  Skin problem

Z749  Sore Throat

Z745  Stomac Ulcers

Z733  Super Sweep

Z739  Teeth

Z734  Warts

Z720  Tumors

Z763  Tropical Dysentery

Z757  Tropical Disease

Z762  Tape Worm

Z743  Tinnitus

Z799  Multi Pack /All 63 program drivers currently available.

What areas you do not see here are most likely built into the bio wave on its classic wide range, used for Cancer, Aids, Hepitis C, various viruses, parasites, bacteria ect.. 

All Program Drivers are $15.00 ea. Plus $8.00 S & H These are shipped seperatly from Switzerland.  Smart keys are $10.00 ea. You must tell us the frequency you want we will program it for you. Contact us.

Full Gamma FZ Generator W /Tens Feature for Pain
Program Driver Capability


63 Program Drivers
Programable Smart Keys


Colloidal Gold, Silver, Copper & Zinc
Immune Systems Builders

GOLD boosts, corrects and balances the body's neural system. GOLD opens neural pathways. GOLD regulates heart's natural pumping rhythm. GOLD boosts brain neural transmitters. GOLD works with glands. GOLD harmonizes the nervous system. GOLD is an important stabilizer of collagen GOLD strengthens libido. GOLD enhances brain function. GOLD increases IQ. GOLD enhances sexual function. GOLD acts on rheumatoid arthritis. GOLD assists relaxation and blood pressure control . GOLD has unequaled effects on physical and emotional health.

Rejuvenates all Degenerative Diseases & More
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