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Best Seller : Everyone should read this book!
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AIDS/HIV, Cancer, Parkinson's, MS, Alzheimer's, All Diseases Can Be Cured!

"The Cure For All Diseases"

The Promise of Alternative Medicine by Dr Clark Ph.D., N.D.

Cure for All Diseases
Dr Clark

"The Promise."

Step into a new world

A world without chronic disease.
Step out of your old world.
It has kept you prisoner.

The prison has no walls. It only has lines. Lines that mark the ground around you. Inside the lines are your old ideas. Outside the lines are new ideas. Dare to try these new ideas and your illness promises to recede. In a few weeks it can be gone.

Try Something New!


HUNDREDS of PRODUCTS From Dr Clark's books. Herbs, equipment,water filters,vitamins, minerals, program drivers for out Bio Wave Generator, much more.


The book "Cure for all Diseases" I call it the Frequency Bible, There is know other book like it!

Imagine a world without chronic disease...a world where natural medicine provides safe, inexpensive and timely solutions to the world's health problems.

The basic premise of Dr Clark's treatments drive from the results of meticulous research which concludes that ALL diseases come from two sources, parasites and pollutants.
Treatments involve a variety of herbal medicine formulas that act to cleanse the liver, kidneys and other organs. These formulas are used in conjunction with the simple technology of the Bio Wave Generator which targets and eradicates bacteria and parasites with a tailored made frequency controlled by a simple computer chip with program drivers and smart keys.
This compact unit is worn with the comfort of a pocket radio and can be used with a variety of chips that target and almost endless list of health problems such as headaches, arthritis, sinusitis, asthma.

New Reasearch Findings show that all diseases have simple explanations and cures once their true cause is known. This book describes the causes of both common and extraordinary diseases and give specific instructions for their cure.


People who use marijuana, know this, it breaks down the immune system! You want to build it up! This is the system that keeps the body free from harmful things. When users smoke marijuana on a regular basis their immune system becomes weaker, loosing the ability to stop allergies, pollens, bacteria, or viruses from making the body sick. Read The Book!

If you are suffering from AIDS, HIV infected, Cancers, any type of disease!

 Don't Panic!
You will need to purchase the Book "Cure for all Diseases, Cancers, or AIDS/HIV.
We have all the products you will need to cure any disease! Purest vitamins, products to cure and maintain perfect health!
You first have to kill the virus, or parasite.
 After you have eliminated the virus, You can turn your attention to getting well. Avoidances such as benzene, (Aids feeds off benzene), which vitamins to take, recipes, immune booster, liver & kidney cleanse. Find out what Doctors don't tell you!
There are many case histories!


The simple fact is every living thing has a unique frequency...viruses, bacteria, molds, and even toxins.
The simple truth is they can be can all be eradicated with selective electrocution.
( EXCEPTION: PREGNANT WOMEN & People with PACE MAKERS should not use the(Bio Wave). Use herbal alternatives.
Test the results for yourself by following Dr. Clark's protocol set forth in her books
         "The Cure for All Diseases"
         " The Cure for All Cancers"
         "The Cure for HIV & AIDS"  


Experience the benefits of the the"Bio Wave Generator" the quality of your life and families depends on your health and now with Dr Clark's products you can give yourself and family the precious gift of health.


We have Hundreds of Products!

Some products pictured here
These are the products used in Dr Clarks 21 day advanced cancer program

We have hundreds of natural health care products to cure any disease naturally, restore your natural health & beauty, enhance the quality of a long and radiant life! 
Consider this,  parasites do pass along the bloodline. 
After killing all your parasites, worms, virus and/or bacteria, The next generation in your family may possibly be born with only good genes! The ones GOD intended you to have!
 It's quite possible your natural hair color may come back!
Alternative medicine is becoming more and more popular as people realize that prescription drugs are not always necessary and don't always work. They do not make you feel good. You want to feel good! 
You don't need dangerous, expensive prescription drugs to get rid of the causes of your illness. Once you know what you are fighting you can pick up herbal, electronic, or avoidance methods such as wood alcohol, benzene, propylene alcohol,(rubbing alcohol)which is in bottled water.
The problem is people need to educate themselves, keep an open mind, try something new. Natural cures and/or electricity.

Who wants to be a Doctor?

Now that you want to become a Naturopath Dr., Chiropractor, Veterinarian,  Herbalist, Physical Therapist, or some specialized alternative type Dr.  You will want to open a clinic or expand on the one have.
We can supply you with a complete laboratory, equipment, lab analyses, test kits, bio wave technology is available for professionals who use alternative medicine or wannabes who are interested in alternative medicine.
See(Bio-Stream) as well as the following products.
(NIMBUS) Mini Reverse Osmosis Watermaker, makes 10 gallons a day, pure water.
((Portazone)Water Ozonator Makes very powerful antitoxin which delivers oxygen throughout the body.
(Silver Smart) colloidal silver maker, up to 30 ppm., quality colloidal silver in minutes!.
(Zincrometer) Dr. Clark's bio feedback for plate zapping. Detects the frequency of a particular parasite.
(Bio Wave Generator) practical w/smart key capability.) works with theZappicator & Tooth Zappicator.
(Full Gamma Bio Wave) W/tens (pain) programmable w/full range &smart key & program driver capability.
(Zappicator) Sterilize your food! This necessary when curing a disease, Most parasites & toxins come from food and drink.
Who wants to live forever!?

Kidney Cleanse

Pay attention to our herbal formulas, kidney cleanse, parasite cleanse, liver flush, liver cleanse & bowel cleanse. These are equally important in Dr Clark's protocol for cures.
Do not confuse the liver flush with the liver cleanse (shown in Dr Clarks books) which should be done twice a year as well as the parasite & kidney cleanse to maintain good health.  

Nimbus Mini Reverse Osmosis Water Maker
Portable, inexpensive, practicle, up to 10 gallons a day!


Here is a few of our program drivers,Chronic Fatigue, Alzheimer's, Herpes, Hiv, Aids, Cancer, Parkinsons, Multiple Sclerosis, epititis, Serosis, Acne, Arthritis, Allergies, ALS, Asthma, Eyes, Macular Degeneration, Tapeworm, Cystitis, High Blood Pressure, Lyme Disease, Bronchitis, Coloitis, Depression, Diabetes, Ovarian Cysts, Cysts, Endometriosis, Epliepsy/Seizures, Fibromyalgia,  Advanced Cancer, Flu, Heart Problems, Hormonal Imbalance, Childrens Disease, Headaches/Migrains, Sore Throat, Liver Cholesterol, Pneumonia, Stomac Ulcers, Meningitis, Kidneys, Earache, Onco Viruses, Prostate, Crohn's,Pain, STDs (sexual transmitted diseases), Sinusitis, Tinnitus, Tropical Diseases, Tropical Dysentary, Tumors, infertility, Enteric / Digestive Problems, Warts, Menopausal, Common Bacteria, Common Viruses, Common Parasites, Common Fungi, Teeth Bacteria. If your problem is not listed here it doesnt mean its not incurable. There is a frequency for everything except small pox.

Dear Customer: I have known Dr. Hulda Clark's protocol since 1995 and visited her clinic for the first time in 1996. In 1998 I started to distribute products according to the books of Dr. Hulda Clark. It was my main concern from the start to adhere to her recommendations about product quality and production, and this has remained unchanged ever since. Much has happened in these 12 years, I have witnessed many things and now I am more certain than ever that the Clark protocol is a promising alternative approach to health, because it has a holistic view and considers all the different aspects of the human body, from teeth to detoxification to nutrition to energetic balancing. You will also notice that our prices are reasonable. Dr. Hulda Clark's concept of "Self Health", meaning everyone should be able to stay in charge of their own health, requires that the products are available and affordable and do not become luxury goods. I hope you find what you are looking for in our shop. If you have any questions, send us an e-mail and my staff will reply to you. Kind Regards David P. Amrein, Naturopath P.S.: I personally guarantee the quality of our products. I emphasize this with our 30 day money back guarantee in case our products do not meet your requirements.


Disclaimer and Notice: I am not a medical doctor. This is not medical advice, but merely a reference to Dr. Clark's findings. For medical advice, consult with your physician. Please note that reference to Dr. Clark's findings does not imply that these findings have been corroborated by other scientists. Other scientists may disagree. Dr. Clark's research is based on bio feedback. Both bio feedback research as well as the case studies in Dr. Clark's books are not considered scientific by US Government authorities. We do not make any promises with regards to the products we sell. Note that in the US the zapper and the MiniFG are not
medical devices and we can't advocate them for medical use.

100% Certified Organic

"The Elixir of Youth"
A recipe for "the elixir of youth", a type of garlic extract, was found in 1971 by a UNESCO team in a Tibetan monastery and was dated about 4-5 centuries B.C. The extract cleans accumulated fat out of the body, rinses out insoluble calcium, radically improves metabolism, cleanses blood vessels, prevent strokes and heart attacks, arteriosclerosis, paralysis, improves sight, improve blood circulation, normalize blood pressure, strengthen the heart, boosts immune system and regenerates the entire body. ONLY $79.00 for three month supply!

ONLY $79.00 for three month supply!



Dr Clark Research Association
Fred Howard, Dr Clark Rep
LightSmith Studio
St. Augustine, Fl 32084
Local phone 904-824-1826  Email:

Learn eight moves you can master!
Learn moves Feds, Police, Seals use!

 How To Cure Any Disease!

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Earthship Biotecture - Sustainable Housing


Things now are good ~ Not as good as they used to be.
But not as bad as they used to be when they were worse than they are now! Things would be better if things where the way they should be! The way GOD intended us to be!


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info@DrClark Ask for Free DVD!


63 Program Drivers
Programable Smart Keys


Colloidal Gold, Silver, Copper & Zinc
Immune Systems Builders

GOLD boosts, corrects and balances the body's neural system. GOLD opens neural pathways. GOLD regulates heart's natural pumping rhythm. GOLD boosts brain neural transmitters. GOLD works with glands. GOLD harmonizes the nervous system. GOLD is an important stabilizer of collagen GOLD strengthens libido. GOLD enhances brain function. GOLD increases IQ. GOLD enhances sexual function. GOLD acts on rheumatoid arthritis. GOLD assists relaxation and blood pressure control . GOLD has unequaled effects on physical and emotional health.

Rejuvenates all Degenerative Diseases & More
Contact me for discount before ordering!

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Save 50%of your fuel costs


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